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Highly Recommended

Once you've tried Ella's Elixir you'll fully understand why it comes more highly recommended than Canada Dry Ginger Ale! Made with locally sourced honey, organic ingredients, and lots of love.  Ella's Elixir is sure to help soothe what's ailing you.

Homemade & Other


From Apple Butter to Christmas Compote, you never know what will be fresh off the stove in Ella's Kitchen! 

Be sure to shop our signature mugs as well!!


“Shout out to @ellas.ks and this bonafide elixir.  This honey is the bombdiggety!! Literally a #hottoddy in a bottle and IT WORKS![...]”

— @nothinbutateathang


A friend recommended Ella's Elixir and I bought four jars - one for each household in my immediate family. It tastes AMAZING and was the perfect compliment to my morning tea. I'm back to order 4 more to get us through the next few weeks of cold weather.

CD Rice, 

Ohio, USA


“The spiced honey is so good! It came quickly and it is delicious in tea.  I also ordered a mug, the colorful one and it is so cute in real life!”

— LeeAnah James,

Conquering Life Together