Good To You, Better For You

I don’t know what to write about Ella’s Toddy Honey Blends.  I don’t know what people care to know. I guess i’ll just start from the beginning. 


I HATED...absolutely ABHORRED being sick in my Grandma’s presence. Both of my grandmothers did NOT do SICK!  They were raised in an era where going to the doctor was a luxury expense and was for emergencies only.  You grew what you needed for times of illness and if you didn't, then your neighbor down the road or up the street did.  Generations of "tried and true" remedies were handed down over time.  While the exact recipe differed from family to family, the main ingredients remained the same.  My favorite medicine jar had what I called the “honey lemons” that we would suck on whenever we had a cough or sore throat as kids.  


What I learned as I got old enough to help prep during the summers was that my beloved honey lemons were part of a handful of ingredients used to make “Grandma's hot toddy”; a hot tea beverage with a shot of liquor in it.  If castor oil and cod liver oil were the King and King of Hated homeopathic holistic cold/fever medicine, then the toddy was easily the prince in my book.  I hated how it tasted; the shot of corn whiskey or moonshine was and still is HORRIBLE!!  I didn’t care how helpful it was; I didn’t care that colds never lasted long in her house; I didn’t care that I rarely had to go to the doctor;  it didn’t matter that it eased my symptoms, promoted healing, reduced inflammation, reduced swelling, loosens mucus/phlegm, soothed sore throat and body aches.  None of that mattered because it tasted GROSS!!!!  


Year after year, with every cold, every flu, every bout of strep throat...Ella’s Elixir got me through it.   With each season, I worked on the original recipes given to me by my grandmothers, until I finally had a version that was not only healthier and tasted better, especially if your liquor of choice was a Bourbon or a Whiskey.  

My grandmothers were both 'helpers'.  Whether you be neighbor, church member, family, friend, or homeless off the street... she always opened her door to help those in need.  I thought what better way to honor some of my fondest memories than by sharing one that is actually helpful especially during this time, with the world.  


Ella’s Elixir Toddy Honey is made using only locally sourced plant/flower pollinated honey, fresh organic ingredients and whole spices and herbs.  

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