Ella's Elixir Toddy Honey

Ella's Elixir Toddy Honey

Ella’s Elixir is a family recipe that has been used for allergies, inflammation, insomnia, body aches, cold/flu symptoms, sore throat, etc.  Ella’s Elixir can be taken every daily or when needed as a medicinal supplement to precsribed medicines.  Pick your favorite flavor or try all 3!!

  • Instructions

    Ella's Elixir can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways.  DO NOT CONSUME SPICES. 

    While the ingredients used are all organic, the cinnamon stick, clove berries, and star anise berry* are not meant to be consumed and should be discarded after honey has been consumed.  


    open & pantry:  ~8weeks

    opened & refrigerated:  ~12weeks

    unopened: +12 weeks


    If Honey, solidifys, DO NOT MICROWAVE.  Run the sealed jar under HOT water until honey loosens or bring just to a slight boil in a water bath.  DO NOT COOK HONEY!! 


    Consuming honey can have adverse affects if you suffer from certain medical conditions.  Please consult your physician before consuming.  

  • Returns

    I take great care to provide a top quality product.  Due to the Corona Pandemic, I cannot accept returned products. 

    If product has been damaged during shipping, please contact the shipper.  

    If for any reason you would like to return your product, please email me:  info@ellasks.com.  


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